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[:en]XM Affiliate program explained, All you need to know about Affiliate program in Forex trading, CFD trading and stock market, Earn money by Forex CPA or IB. Affiliate Program

Introducers of BusinessUp to $10 Commission per Lot on Clients who enter into a Client Agreement with the Company

IBs are partners who maintain business portfolios and receive weekly commission for all the clients and sub-IBs they refer to XM.

Earn up to $10 per lot on referred clients and 10% on other IBs referred. All IBs also receive full access to the partners’ internal Members Area, which provides advanced statistics of their performance.

Web Forex Affiliates

Up to $10 Commission per Lot – Ideal for Website Owners

We offer up to $10 per lot on referred clients and 10% on other IBs referred.

Every time an XM Demo or Real Account is opened by a client who clicked on a banner or link from a Web Forex Affiliate’s website, the new client is automatically added to their partner account.

Other Forms of Forex Partnership

If you are looking for a type of partnership that is not listed above, please contact us as our account managers would be more than happy to discuss your needs, requirements, and suggestions in order to deliver a bespoke, custom solution ensuring that your specific business model can function with XM in the most efficient way.[:]